Case Study

The City Speak is the official podcast from the League of Minnesota Cities that offers a look at issues important to Minnesota cities. 
In late 2018, I was brought on board to the Engagement & Learning Team to develop and produce a podcast channel as a new, modern learning tool for city leaders to interview a large variety of city officials and share short stories of a wide range of topics such as understanding public finance and pandemic responses. The Podcast was created from the ground up with a simple brand design to resemble the LMC's brand, and creating management accounts via CMS system to set up and publish the podcast channel to all available podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.​​​​​​​
The Podcast development was collaborated with the Learning Manager, Adriana Temali to offer her role as the host of the show, and assistance with scheduling episode recordings with guests and scripting for the episode topics and interview questions. 
The Outcome
The Podcast Channel became a tremendous success for the organization that has a far reach with member engagement and city officials in general. With a shorter, more specific target audience compared to general podcast channels, the analytics display high numbers in user engagement with over 20K downloads between 60 episodes total* (*with the time of this recording).
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