Let's Connect Some Dots!
Hi! I'm Eric -
I'm a multimedia producer by trade, and a graphic designer, film-maker, audio engineer, and a photographer... also by trade. 
I graduated from Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota where I received an AAS in Graphic Design and Digital Imaging/Photography. 
Digital design is always changing, adapting and evolving - the challenges that fuels my passion as an artist. To distinguish myself from other producers, I assert and adapt as a "Comcast Bundle" for your digital content creation needs; to work in multiple disciplines, and create unique design processes to create strong visuals and deliver unparalleled engagement everywhere your consumers are.
"It's all about building trust when working with clients and artists, to be in the inner circle. The visual tone isn't as interesting to me when it's shot from the outside looking in, but rather to feel like the camera is inside the moment. That's what I want people to see, and what my client's audiences want to see."
Some cool stuff I Can offer:
Photography + Video:
Wedding Wire:
The Knot:
Thank you! Looking forward to connecting with you soon!
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