Case Study

General Public is an innovative consumer-art company and an artist collaboration founded by Art Collector and Actress Portia De Rossi. 
De Rossi, who is married to Ellen DeGeneres, has embraced the idea that art isn’t exclusive to the elite. The goal of General Public is to relieve the stereotype of being an art collector to, well, collect art, and also create opportunities of artists to somehow re-create paintings with all the dimension and texture of the original. 

With the collaboration of my fellow digital artists and the printing technology at a Minneapolis-based printer, we were able to assist and design a printing process that lead to the creation of Synographs™ (or textured prints) for the time-and cost-conscious consumer. Synographs are created with a 3-D printing production to imitate the artist’s articulations - such as the textures of a paint brush-stroke of an original painting; the artist’s work is aesthetically the same as what the General Public customer is purchasing.

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