Case Study

Snap Fitness was launched in Minnesota as an industry innovator in 2003. Since then, Snap Fitness has continuously evolved to maintain their leading brand position, delivering top-tier support for both franchisees and members.

Their mission has always been to be known as the most inclusive and supportive fitness experience—for everyone at every level of expertise. Snap Fitness aims to make their members feel fantastic by helping them move their bodies to boost their moods. At Snap Fitness, it’s all about the feeling!

Snap Fitness currently has a global network of 1,000+ clubs and 1 million+ members in more than 20 countries.

When Snap Fitness was planning to launch the new brand initiative and the newest service: MyFit before their annual conference in Las Vegas, they wanted to show up differently—in a way that felt new, yet authentic. To do this, I took the featured Snap Belt to the gym with a few local trainers and ambassadors, produced a three-day video and photo shoot, collaborated with their marketing and design teams to create a brand experience worth talking about and delivered it to gym members and franchise owners who double as storytellers.

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